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EMF radiations

Things we should know about EMF radiations

EMF radiations (Electromagnetic Field) is the physical field that surrounds each electric charge. It exerts a force on all other charges in the field. therefore, either attracting or repelling them. After that Electric fields originate from electric charges or from time-varying magnetic fields, which can be a bi-product of our household electrical wiring with Alternative current. in other words, we do not need to use electricity as a load or pass current through our wiring in order to have an electric field. In other words, the electric field is always present while we have electricity from a utility connected to our home wiring.

Low EMF Wiring

Low EMF wiring is a special way of electrical wiring that uses methods and materials — which meets and exceeds the requirements of the current Canadian Electrical Code — to significantly decrease the electromagnetic field (EMF) and Electric Field generated by electrical wiring, lights, appliances, meters, and panels other equipment and systems.

  • Materials:  The selection shielded cables, boxes, and conduits to decrease EMF and ELF
  • Methods:  The proper techniques to eliminate net currents, grounding issues, and wiring errors caused by electricians that often cause excessive EMF
  • Location:  The optimum placement of Kitchen, bedrooms, wires, meters, and panels to minimize EMF by creating more distance
  • Shielding:  The added layer of shielding on Walls, Floors, Ceilings or meter panels, transformers, refrigerators, appliances, and other sources as needed.

What we can do about your new Build House/renovation:

Electrical wiring is the largest single source of EMFs for most people in terms of amount of exposure.  For example, you spend about 33% of your lifetime in the bedroom, and the wires near your bed can make big amount of EMF all night long.  If you are planning to build a new house or renovate your existing place, you can have us design, build and implement  Low EMF  electrical wiring for your new home ,With great timing and preplan we can eliminate big part of Radiation harmful for your body without adding hefty cost to your conventional wiring cost . We provide design consultations and installation of EMF-Free wiring for you.

What can we do about your commercial building that has problems with electromagnetic interference (EMI)

The sources of electromagnetic fields and interference in large commercial and industrial buildings can include Electric motors, Roof top units, power lines, transformers, meter panels, distribution panels, electrical wiring, net current electricity in metal pipes and building materials, and other electrical equipment within the building.  Canada-wide, we provide on-site services to test and analyze EMF interference problems and to provide assistance with wiring repairs, shielding, cancellation systems, and other mitigations as appropriate.

EMF radiations from Mobile Tower

Is Your home or workplace exposed by EMF radiations

With fast growing 5G carriers for cell phones, Electronic devices in our life, Wi-Fi, Electrical wiring inside the walls and ceilings, kitchen appliances, Cameras, Computers and laptops, Modern LED Bulbs and recessed lights along with different types of dimmers and home Automation systems Electromagnetic,
Electric …

EMF radiations from Power Lines

Ways to eliminate EMF radiations at home and work place

  • Move your router or Wi-Fi booster at least 20 feet from your desk or anyone’s desk.
  • Use hard wired internet rather than Wi-Fi.
  • Use a wired phone rather than a cordless phone.
  • Disable Bluetooth and wireless on your phone only use when needed …
  • EMF radiations in Kitchen

    Long term Effects of exposure to lower and higher frequency

    Long term exposure to Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields may have very different and adverse effects on our body on cellular or genetic level, depending on type of Radiation, duration of exposure, and the tissues that have been mostly exposed the results may vary. However, symptoms may be the same here’s some …

    EMF radiations Assessments

    Is your home free of EMF radiations?

    EMF radiation exposure relates to many of today’s health problems. Causing nervous system disorders, sleep problems, and many other health issues. in short, we do need to eliminate these radiations. In conclusion, Health Canada conducts research on the potential health effects of radiofrequency EMF.

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    Live The Healthy Way. Eliminate The Hazardous Radiation Today

    Our home wiring, plugs, switches, and all the unshielded cables ran through walls and ceilings.

    Electrical power supplies and appliances are also the most common sources of low-frequency electricity in our living environment.

    Most importantly, as a rule of thumb wherever we have an unshielded Alternative current-voltage, we have an Electric field.

    We provide solutions to mitigate Electric fields in your home so you can live a healthier life.

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