When we come to your place for assessment,

We brief health clients why and how we do our job. We also explain government limits and compare it to Exposure guidelines we practice based on Geovital Academy of radiation limits which is with medical approach rather than construction and biology approach. We use our pro-grade Geovital measuring tools to check Daytime and Nighttime Areas of your home against Electromagnetic field, Electric Field and Radio frequency and finding sources of them. Our approach is measuring health client’s body radiation rather than measuring air which is less accurate. We then provide you with a detailed report about numbers, sources and possible solutions and will explain priorities to be fixed in the listing, provided that health client is ready to fix the issues we offer full service remedial work including, Electrical work, any type of alteration needed to fix issues including supply and installation of shielding materials. At the end we will come back with our measuring tools to make sure we have covered targeted areas and it’s safe and healthy to live in your place with low radiation.

What is involved in an EMF home assessment?

You will be surprised what is going on in your home when it comes to radiation exposure. Our consultants are there to guide you through this process and facilitate your learning. You’ll be using the meters yourself and play an active role in the assessment, which can typically take between 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on how many bedrooms, questions you have and sometimes tricky situations there are to investigate.

An assessment may start with an introduction and short explanation of the process ahead. The day-time areas of the home are investigated with you and the effects for internal wiring and internal and external sources of radio frequency radiation. Certainly not limited to this:

By the end you should have good understanding of your exposure and the verifiable solutions available to your family to take care of business.

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