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Farzad ​
Founder of No Radiation Inc.

No Radiation Inc. has successfully provided residential, commercial, and industrial Electrical services along with Radiation assessment and mitigation services to private and official customers quickly, accurately, efficiently, and reliably for many years.

No Radiation Inc. is a reputable Electrical Contractor and EMF radiation consultancy and mitigation company founded and owned by Farzad.  He is a Licensed Electrical engineer and Master electrician with over twenty years of experience.

He was in seventh grade when he was introduced to the electrical circuit boards. As a child with an inquisitive mind, he became instinctively intrigued by all electrical concepts and components and electricity will later grow to be the passion that fuelled his future career.

He has had the opportunity to participate in numerous beneficial training programs such as in the design, commissioning, and operation of electrical equipment. Now, he works towards protecting all No Radiation Inc. clients from the negative side effects of EMF radiation along with wiring their places.

He has gone to the university to build a strong background in his forte and has worked in important sectors such as construction, heavy industries, lighting Design, and had been a member of National Electric Code standards. In construction and maintenance, He has been involved in thousands of projects ranging from residential, commercial, and industrial applications that have honed his skills and built his experience.

His interest in radiation assessment began in 2017 when his son was diagnosed with diabetes Type 1. Being an engineer, he naturally jumped to research the root causes of autoimmune and chronic diseases. His studies led him to discover three major reasons: pollution in food, mind, and environment. There has been a radical change in the course of his life from then on. He became passionate about healthy foods, meditation, and book reading and started listening to relevant podcasts to improve his overall health and his family’s.  He began researching ways to shield people against naturally occurring and man-made radiation.

Through these researches, he found Geovital Academy for EMF radiation protection and environmental medicine. He completed the academy’s radiation assessment and mitigation courses. His strong background in Electrical Engineering and Decades of experience in the electrical industry plus radiation training has enabled him to help clients live healthier lives with healthier and more holistic alternatives when it comes to electrical wiring.

In the field

No radiation Inc. is committed to providing you the best services to shield you from EMF Radiation and wire your place with the least Radiation

Our services include and are not limited to;

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Low EMF Electrical wiring
  • EMF Home Assessments
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Radiation-Free Building
  • EMF education, advice, and consultancy.

We work with the best qualified professionals to provide you with the best service possible when it comes to EMF, ELF, or RF radiation shielding! As a final touch, we do help you to choose your lighting based on the lowest radiation and will run a post-test for EMF after your electrical job is completed.

We specialize in...

  • EMF radiation Assessment and Mitigation of Existing houses, apartments, or workplaces
  • Design, build residential and commercial electrical projects with low EMF.
  • Electrical Inspection of Residential, Commercial existing places based on Canadian Electric Code.
  • Lighting assessment for Residential and commercial places.
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We are eager to share my vast knowledge and experience of electricity and EMF radiation protection to help keep families live healthier and homes safer.