When we come to your place for assessment

We brief health clients on why and how we do our job. We also explain government limits and compare them to Exposure guidelines we practice based on the Geovital Academy of radiation limits which is with the medical approach rather than the construction and biology approach. EMF home inspection held with the use of our pro-grade Geovital measuring tools to check the Daytime and Nighttime Areas of your home against Electromagnetic field, Electric Field, and Radiofrequency and finding sources of them.

Our approach is measuring health client’s body radiation rather than measuring air which is less accurate. We then provide you with a detailed report about numbers, sources, and possible solutions and will explain priorities to be fixed in the listing, provided that the health client is ready to fix the issues we offer full-service remedial work including, Electrical work, any type of alteration needed to fix issues including supply and installation of shielding materials. In the end, we will come back with our measuring tools to make sure we have covered targeted areas and it’s safe and healthy to live in your place with low radiation.

EMF Home Assessments

What is involved in an EMF home assessment?

You will be surprised what is going on in your home when it comes to radiation exposure. Our consultants are there to guide you through the EMF home inspection and facilitate your learning. You’ll be using the meters yourself and play an active role in the assessment, which can typically take between 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on how many bedrooms, questions you have, and sometimes tricky situations there are to investigate.

An assessment may start with an introduction and a short explanation of the process ahead. The day-time areas of the home are investigated with you and the effects for internal wiring and internal and external sources of radiofrequency radiation. Certainly not limited to this:

  • Local distribution lines (power lines) nearby
  • Meter box and circuit breaker panel areas
  • Effects of solar power systems
  • Internal wiring in the walls and ceilings
  • Cell phone towers
  • Smart meter
  • Wi-Fi
  • Airport navigation systems, and much more.

By the end, you should have a good understanding of your exposure and the verifiable solutions available to your family to take care of business.

EMF home inspection radiations
EMF home inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Why has a pre-purchase EMF Inspection performed?

Why has a pre-purchase EMF Inspection performed?

You shouldn’t buy a property without a proper home inspection, why shouldn’t you buy a property without checking it against Radiation then? A pre-purchase EMF inspection aims at identifying any potential issues which may be impossible or very costly to correct after moving in. Or it can lead to minor problems that can be advised the seller to be fixed before the purchase in a balanced market.

Information is available upon request

Why has a pre-purchase EMF Inspection performed?

In addition to the obvious potential EMF sources such as nearby high-voltage power lines, less obvious sources of EMFs can exist inside the home itself. Electrical wiring issues or ‘Net Current” found on metal plumbing, gas lines, or bonding wires are also potential sources of EMFs. In fact, wiring issues inside a home can often create EMFs that are much higher than EMFs from nearby power lines. Thankfully, these types of wiring issues can often be easily corrected once identified.

What’s included?

A pre-purchase EMF inspection includes an assessment of EMFs from the following potential sources:

  • EMFs from external sources such as overhead power lines, and nearby cell towers, Distribution transformer on the utility pole or pad mounted on the ground
  • EMFs from wiring and/or grounding issues inside the home
  • EMFs from ‘hotspots’ such as electrical panels, electrical motors, HVAC units inside the home which may be located too close to sleeping areas
  • In older homes, EMFs from knob and tube wiring may still exist inside the home.

Radiation-Free Building

New construction of a house or building is always a major investment and requires lots of plans. In order to pass later EMF home inspection, designs comply with many construction trades are involved in the new construction process. so there might be numerous questions about the shape, look, design, and work that needed to be answered, Each trade has its own focus and codes or trade standards to follow along with lots of considerations for health, There are lots of materials that can affect health quality of future residents of the new construction house or building. besides that Design and placement of electrical appliances in the kitchen, Laundry, mechanical room and electrical panel box can affect the health of future residents which can be considered and protected by an EMF Consultant.

Here’s the process in which we get New construction Low EMF house/Building down:

  • Assessment of low and high frequency Existing Radiation present on the property.
  • Develop and design according to Geovital Exposure Guidelines.
  • Design systems, placement, and shielding concepts.
  • Design and placement of Electrical service in accordance with guidelines of least Radiation to Bedrooms/offices.
  • Design and placement of Wi-Fi Internet and other low voltage wirings to accommodate the least amount of Radiation.
  • Get the electrical done by us will ensure we are involved in the design and build to assure best results we will do the placement of each plug, light, and switch and do wiring considering the least amount of Radiation generated by electrical wiring.
  • Shielding implementation by qualified craftsmen under our supervision and guidelines.
  • Commission of the electrical and communication system.
  • Measurements to confirm compliance with your benchmarks.
  • Certification of the New Custom House/ building.
EMF home inspection

Our Prices

Electrical Services

Install ceiling fan$130+You supply a ceiling fan to suit your home.
Install new Duplex outlet(Shared)$90+Includes labor, cable, everything
Install New Duplex outlet(Dedicated)$200+Includes labor, cable, everything
Install Duplex GFI dedicated outlet outside$250+Includes everything + Weatherproof Cover
Replace  Faulty GFI plug with a new one$ 70Includes  GFI 15 or 20 amp
Install a new light in the new location with a new Switch$150Includes everything except new light fixture
Supply 12,14,16 inch  LED light fixture(3 CCT)$55Low profile LED Flush mount light fixture
Replace basic light on regular ceiling(Labor only)$60+Replace light where there is existing light
Supply and install ceiling exhaust fan(wiring excluded)$180+Basic 50CFM  bathroom type fan
Supply and install Sensor light$250Includes 2 head motion-activated LED outdoor light
Troubleshooting electrical issues$130+2 hours max, included labor only
Wire and install washer and dryer plugs$500 +Cost varies based on the requested location
Wire and installation of Dryer Plug$320
Hook up a dishwasher or any 15 amp appliance$150You provide appliance and power to it
Install oven/stove new circuit$350 +Stoves require heavy-duty cable
Call for electrical advice 10 minutes$20Knowledge empowers you and makes you safe
Install a new smoke alarm$150Includes new hardwired CO/smoke alarm(non-strobe)
Install LED Potlights for inside house$50+Indoor based on minimum numbers
Install LED Potlights for outside house$100+Indoor based on minimum numbers
Install new breaker/Replace faulty breaker$120You provide a breaker or pay for the new breaker
Install a new dimmer$70+Includes Lutron Diva dimmer
Service  Upgrade- 100 to 200 amp Underground$1600+Hydro Disconnect fee is extra
Service  Upgrade- 100 to 200 amp Over Head$1800+Hydro Disconnect fee is extra
Panel   Upgrade- 100 or 200 amp Over Head$1300+Hydro Disconnect fee is extra
Minimum  service charge$120We come and replace one light only if needed.
After hours emergency Min service charge$250Restore power only. Parts are extra.
Dedicated 20 amp Plug for kitchen counter$250+
EV Charger wiring and installation$1000+You provide a spec for your charger
Detached Garage/Shed new line$600+
Typical Kitchen wiring for basement$1200+
Typical Kitchen wiring for the Main Floor$2000+Installing Wiring by Running it Through Main Walls (Opening walls, removing old wires, rewiring, and installing drywall)
Rewiring a Basic 3-Bedroom Home per floor (Through attic, basement, or floor joists)$3500+Installing Wiring by Running it Through Main Walls (Opening walls, removing old wires, rewiring, and installing dry
Knob & Tube Wiring Removal and rewire per Floor$3500+Installing Wiring by Running it Through Main Walls (Opening walls, removing old wires, rewiring, and installing
*Minimum service Charge for Electrical Work is $150 which can cover up to 2 hours of labor(Material is extra)*

EMF Services

EMF full assessment of existing house/apartment$350+
Pre-Purchase assessment and EMF inspection$300
New Construction low EMF Design and buildTBDNeed information to price out